Society has conditioned us to be busy, do all the things and be in “always on” mode. Busy mode has been portrayed by society as a badge of honour and a mark of success, teaching everyone to work hard to get results.

As well as to always be giving. We have been brainwashed to give to others first and the person that this impacts the most is ourselves.

We have been wired to do and that stops us “being” and greatly impacts our emotional wellbeing.

Our emotional wellbeing permeates every aspect of life, influencing physical health, productivity, relationships, sexuality and overall quality of life. I always say to my clients “how you do one thing is how you do everything,” which is why I always coach the whole person, you cannot separate areas, it is all interlinked.

Tuning in to how we feel and then consciously choosing what makes us feel good, energised, empowered and happy is the first step to putting your needs first and looking after your emotional wellbeing.

However what this requires is space. Space to be. Space to check in with how you feel. Slow down. Healing is created in the spaces. When we give ourselves permission to feel all the emotions.

There is a saying you cannot pour from an empty cup. We need to unlearn putting other people’s needs over ours, because we can only be truly of service to others when we care for ourselves first.

When we are tapped into how we feel, it enables us to understand and manage our emotions effectively, look at life’s challenges with fresh energy and perspective which builds our resilience. This also greatly impacts our relationships and ability to maintain fulfilling intimate relationships, as well as cultivating a sense of purpose and meaning.

Tips to enhance your emotional wellbeing:

Self-awareness: Developing a deeper understanding of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behaviour patterns. I recommend practices such as mindfulness meditation, journaling, and self-reflection to elevate self-awareness and emotional regulation.
Healthy lifestyle habits: Think about how you care for your body. What do you do to move your body? Do you have a nutritious diet? Good sleep, patterns? Exercise, in particular has been shown to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression and is a great way to enhance your mood and mindset.

Connection: As human beings we are wired for connection. The most important connection is to yourself and becoming deeply intimate with yourself is the key to all other relationships, tune into you, starting with that you say to yourself.
And connecting with people who light you up, those who add value to your life, ensuring you surround yourself with people who add to your life, rather than drain as well as celebrate you is incredibly powerful. Cultivating meaningful relationships and a strong support network can be incredibly important to build emotional wellbeing. Choose quality time over quantity with those that you feel yourself around. And get comfortable seeking social support during times of need, this helps to build a sense of belonging.

Prioritise what brings you joy: What do you do for you? What do you do that causes you to literally lose track of time? What did you used to do for “play” as a child? What comes up when you reflect on these questions? Make a commitment to yourself to do something fun for you each week as a minimum. Notice how you feel after and how it impacts your life. When we prioritise the things we love it helps us to connect to the core essence of who we are and we can then use this energy to flow into all areas of our life.

Ask for help: We cannot see our own blind spots. Having someone outside of yourself to take a top down view of your life can help you to evolve and grow as well as deeply enhance your emotional wellbeing.
Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. Coaching, therapy or any other holistic support can be of great support and help you to better understand yourself.

Remember you matter and your feelings are valid. If you truly valued yourself how would you talk to you? What voice would you adopt?


Claire Doré


About the author

Claire Doré is a dating & relationship coach.

She is also a keynote speaker, writer, dating expert on Dublin City FM, soon to be author and Mum.❤️

Claire coaches singles and couples around intimacy through 1-1 and group coaching as well as leading high end retreats worldwide.

She helps her clients transform sh*t to gold.

Claire coaches the whole person.

She is adept at waking people up to who they truly are, connecting them to their true essence and energy.

Connect with her on Instagram @thewildwomanceo
Or her website

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