Meera Mohan on Family Constellations: Is inherited trauma holding you back in life?


What does inherited trauma look like?

Inherited trauma manifests as holding patterns in life. When you find yourself in situations that feel impossible to free yourself from and notice that you are repeating patterns of behavior, you can be sure the root cause is much deeper than you think. Love and relationships, career and money, health, our physical bodies and our wellbeing- there is no aspect of life free from the influence of our genetic material and the core wounds we carry within us.

This is where Family Constellations Therapy (FCT) comes in.

Systemic and Family Constellations allows us to explore the morphogenetic field: a collective unconscious where family and systemic dynamics reside. Through representative mapping, the client unveils hidden truths and intergenerational influences shaping their present experiences. Missing siblings, estranged family members, untimely deaths and losses within a family system all comes to light within the session, even when the participant has little knowledge of these family dynamics.

This phenomenological process sheds light on entanglements and unresolved issues, fostering understanding without assigning blame. By using healing sentences built on Neuro-Linguistic Programming, we are acknowledging these dynamics within your field of influence, thus fostering healing, personal agency, and resolution to restore balance within the system.

How do you know if it worked?

Healing happens within the subconscious in Family Constellations. The subconscious is the place we tap into when we meditate and when we dream. It is also the part of ourselves that most deeply affects our thoughts, actions and feelings in waking life. Creating space to heal here brings in a lasting change. And the holding patterns the client addresses in the session will begin to dissipate, creating space for them to consciously bring in what they desire in life.

While the work may seem esoteric, the effects certainly are not. In fact, many practitioners of Systemic and Family Constellations Therapy have begun bridging the gap between scientific knowledge and compiling data to explain the phenomenological aspects of the field. Mark Wolynn’s “It Didn’t Start With You: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle” is a great place to read more about the science of FCT. Building on the work and research of Bessel Van der Kolk and Dr Rachel Yehuda, it compiles the author’s 20 year experience as an FCT Facilitator and the science behind intergenerational trauma.

Is Family Constellations Therapy for you?

If you have struggled to find the root of a persistent issue or think you have made progress but keep rebounding back to your baseline, Family Constellations will help. Before becoming a practitioner I spent years searching for an answer to the existential questions within myself and within the dynamics of my family. I was the black sheep, refusing to keep silent and engage in cycles of violence within my family. This is often the case in those who try to be different. And I was, in turn committing acts of self-sabotage on a deeply subconscious level out of loyalty to my family system. I have Family Constellations to thank for the innate freedom I now have in walking my own path, while being able to receive love and belonging from my family system.

Take a minute to reflect on your life and areas you may feel trapped in. Is healing inherited trauma your key toward breaking free of these patterns?


By Meera Mohan


About Meera

Meera is a Brookyn-based Intuitive Coach and a mom to a very rambunctious 3-year-old. She sees individual clients and couples along with hosting group workshops in her Manhattan and Brooklyn offices. She also sees clients from all over the world virtually.

The primary focus of her practice is Systemic and Family Constellations Therapy. She is Trauma-informed and incorporates somatic bodywork into her sessions to help with integration. She is passionate about holding space for her clients, so they may unburden themselves of inherited family patterns and dynamics that do not serve them and go on to choose their own path.

Click here to delve into your field together and discover how Systemic and Family Constellations can improve your life.

“Together we will hone in on the root cause of what is holding you back, to free you from repeating cycles and carrying ancestral burdens that don’t belong to you.”


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